Boonville, NC
Vingolf Hall

The newest addition to the Elchenburg site, Vingolf Hall, is an empty Viking-style long hall with shiplap sides. Its interior measures 42 feet by 72 feet and has a ceiling height of 12 feet. Each of the four walls has a 12-foot square doorway with center-splitting sliding doors. The flooring is soft, sawdust over granite dust over red clay. For safety reasons, no pets or open flames are allowed inside.

No proper Viking Hall is complete without decorations and light to see them by. So, Elchenburg Castle Farm is holding a fundraiser: For $85.00, Dubhghall mac Donnchaidh (David Stewart) will sell you a steel heater shield blank, which you can then decorate with your SCA-registered device. Return the shield to permanently hang in Vingolf. Proceeds will go toward Elchenburg site improvements.

Please make funds payable to Elchenburg Castle, Inc. and mail to 8129 US Highway 601, Boonville, NC, 27011.