Boonville, NC
Fire and Site Safety
In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. Elchenburg Castle Farm resides in an area where 9-1-1 reaches emergency services.
Fires of any sort should be supervised at all times and extinguished properly. There should be at least 10 feet between fire pits and tents. All camps should have at least one fire extinguisher and/or buckets of water near the source of flame.
Camp fires are allowed with all proper precautions and etiquette to be observed, such as back-filling the fire pit before you leave.
Torches must be staked in a firm and stable fashion. Do not ignore the extreme danger involved in knocking over a burning torch.
Be aware of sparks from torches. If a torch is too close to a tent, you may find small burn-holes in your tent roof. If your tent is nylon, you might find yourself with NO roof.
At the end of the event, all left over fire wood, whether charred or not, must be removed from the site (take it with you) or placed along the tree line so as to be out of the way of lawn mowers.
Please do NOT leave firewood sitting in the middle of the field for lawnmowers to run over.
Please take the time to saturate your coals with water before you dump them, even if you do not think they are still hot!
Due to the diligence of the event staff and sharp eyes of a few campers, we were able to prevent flaming disasters last year. At least three fires were the result of folks dumping smouldering coals into the woods.) Please don't burn down the site!
Please take a moment to read these helpful hints regarding fire safety. If you dig a hole, fill it in! Nobody likes turned ankles.