Boonville, NC
Disability and Special Services Information
Elchenburg castle is a 65 acre site with gently rolling fields with large, relatively flat areas. Most of the property is grassy field and there are no paved paths. It is a primitive site, but not impossible to manage. If you can walk short distances and negotiate a few stairs, you will not have much trouble with the site. However, if you cannot walk at all, you may be faced with a few challenges.

All roads are dirt and gravel. The covered shelter is a wooden structure outfitted with electrical outlets located about 5 feet from the road.
Most of the site is an open field, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun with things like sunscreen, a hat, or a parasol.

The bath house is a converted farm house with showers with hot water and flush toilets. The ground gently slopes toward a few porch steps about 25 feet from the road. The porch is narrow and may prove difficult for a wheelchair or scooter.
For those of you who are novices to port-a-johns...
Many events will have rented port-a-johns. At night, it's good to bring a lantern or flashlight that you can set on the floor so you don't have to feel your way around in the dark. On a bright note, the event staff sometimes puts battery-powered lights in them, or at least glow-sticks, but not always. It's good to be prepared.
Porta-johns do not always have purse/coat hooks in them, either, so you cannot count on having a place to hang a flashlight, purse or coat. Keep that in mind when you visit one.
It is very important to close the seat on the porta-john when you are finished. This forces the odors through the vent pipe instead of filling up the cabin. Nobody likes a stinky porta-john!
Alcohol based hand sanitizers do not feel good on burns or rashes, so don't apply them there. And despite what you may have heard, they do not kill all germs. Warm soap and water is still best, so keep some handy at camp and visit the farm house whenever you can.